5 Easy Homecoming Makeup Tutorials You Can Totally Do Yourself

5 Easy Homecoming Makeup Tutorials You Can Totally Do Yourself

Homecoming is fast approaching. And whether you’re heading out for a party, getting ready for a dance or beating your face for a tailgate, it’s important you have your makeup inspo lined up. You don’t want to scramble to master a wing on the same day. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite makeup looks for homecoming season, but you can save the inspo for any day of the year.

Peep our picks ahead:

The Look You Can Rock Whenever, Wherever

This rose gold makeup look by Luciana Vee is glam enough for a night out but can also be toned down so you can rock it all day long. Think of it as your AM to PM look — just keep a bomb setting spray handy to make sure it stays flawless throughout the day.

A Soft Glam Beat

Soft glam is the perfect look for any homecoming occasion — especially a dance or party. Katie Michaelis walks you through getting this pretty soft pink and brown look, a dreamy smoky eye that feels romantic and chic.


A Little Bit Fancy

For something a little more glam, try this makeup look by Arnell Armon where she pairs a pink eye with a sultry red lip. The combo is not-quite-neutral and feels a little more special than your everyday beat.


If You Want To Go All Out

If you’re looking to go full glam (life is a stage, after all), try this dramatic bronze makeup look by Laurasia Andrea. This tutorial is perfect for the makeup maximalist and has a bonus wig install so you can slay your look from head to toe.


Subtle, But Fancy

So maybe homecoming is less dress-to-impress and more post-game-house-party. That’s where this makeup look by GinsMakeup comes in — a minimalist’s answer to dramatic yet simple makeup.

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