3 Halloween Nail Art Ideas That Are Beginner-Friendly and Spooky AF

3 Halloween Nail Art Ideas That Are Beginner-Friendly and Spooky AF

Okay, so maybe you can’t wear full-on Halloween makeup to work. And maybe it’s a little strange to rock a costume (mask included) on a busy subway filled with non-dressed-up people weeks before Halloween. But you know what’s not weird? Halloween nail art. It’s the answer to your deep desire to be spooky AF and can be as understated or over the top as you want (you might even get a few compliments). And because Essie is savant-like in their anticipation of your nail polish needs, they’ve dropped enough Halloween nail inspo to keep you painting for days — weeks, even. The looks ahead are subtle but effective — the perfect combo for wearing a mani for All Hallow’s Eve and beyond.

Take a look, below:

Dots On Dots On Dots

The minimalist’s answer to the Halloween mani, this black and orange look is perfect for anyone who wants to get in the spirit without necessarily announcing it to everyone. To get the look, use Essie Fall For NYC and pair it with Tribal Textiles, a sparkly black hue that’s perfect for accent work. Using a dotting tool (or a bobby pin a pinch), carefully create (seemingly) random patterns of dots on the nail and apply a coat of Gel Setter to lock it all in.

Spiderwebs, But Then Make It Nail Art

Few things say Halloween like a cobweb, and this cuticle focused nail look really drives the point home. It’s easy to create with a little patience, a coat of Essie Skinny Dip and the iconic black shade Licorice. Start by painting small half-moon at the base of the nail and then create lines coming out of the bottom of the nail. Finish it off my drawing small ‘u’ shapes in between the lines going the other direction.

The Metallic Side of the Half-Moon

This next look is really easy and perfect for beginners. All you need is two polishes — Licorice and Say It Ain’t Soho to get the look. Start by applying a coat of Say It Ain’t Soho to the nail, and let it dry. Next, paint a coat of Licorice on the nail — making sure to leave a half-moon exposed to let Say It Ain’t Soho peek through. And that’s it! Told you it was easy.

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