How to Apply Foundation

Foundation is great! It works to even your complexion, hide imperfections, and give your makeup look a flawless base. Foundation is something most of us reach for on a daily basis. There is a right way to apply your foundation though to get the best results and we’re going to show you what that is! Whether you’re a foundation newbie or a pro, we think you’re going to find these tips helpful!

Step 1 : Start by Cleansing and Moisturizing Your Skin

Washing your face and following up with a moisturizer is essential before diving into your makeup routine. Cleansing your face will get rid of any dirt or impurities and moisturizing your face will hydrate your skin so it is plump and ready to go! We recommend it cosmetics confidence in a cream as its smooth texture is quick-absorbing and also perfect for all skin types.

confidence in a cream 

Step 2 : Apply a Primer

Start off your makeup routine by applying a primer that suits your skin type. Primers create a smooth base for your foundation to be applied on. They make your foundation apply easier, look better, and last longer! Need help deciding which primer is best suited for your skin? Check out our guide to help you decide!

Step 3 : Colour Correct Your Skin

Colour correcting should be done before applying your foundation. Colour correctors work in different ways to even out your skin tone. Green covers redness, lavender helps with sallowness or dullness, pink correct spots on fair skin, peach conceals spots on medium skin, orange covers spots on darker skin, and yellow cancels out spots on olive or tanned skin.

If you do not have color correcting products we recommend the color correcting palette from NYX Professional Makeup, for 14$ you’ll have 6 correcting shades with lightweight formula.

color correcting palette 

Step 4 : Choose a Foundation That’s Right for You

Choosing the right foundation for you will depend on your skin type and skin concerns. If you have oily skin you’ll want to choose a mousse texture, an oil-free liquid foundation, or a powder foundation. If you have dry skin, you’ll want to look for a hydrating liquid foundation, and if you have combination skin you’ll want to choose a stick foundation or a powder foundation for best results. You will of course want to ensure your foundation matches you perfectly and you can experiment with different types of coverage. Check out our 15 best drugstore foundations to help you choose the right one.

Step 5 : Apply Your Foundation

Now onto the good stuff! When applying your foundation, you want to start with a small amount. Caked on makeup never looks good and this is the best way to avoid it as you can always apply more later if your need to. Dab your foundation onto the center of your forehead, underneath your eyes, and on your nose and chin.

Then, you want to spread your foundation outward. Starting at the center of your face, you will spread your foundation out toward your hairline using a brush, your fingers, or a beauty sponge!

After that, you want to make sure to go in again with your brush, fingers, or sponge to ensure your foundation is blended really well. Don't forget your neck, blend the foundation down to avoid the awkward dividing line.

Step 6 : Apply Concealer

If you have any spots still poking through or want to brighten your under eye area, now is the time. Apply concealer wherever you think is necessary and blend it out the same way you did your foundation for a natural yet flawless look.

Step 7 : Finish the Look with a Setting Powder

A setting powder will help make your base makeup last that much longer and give your skin an airbrushed finish!

 how to apply foundation perfectly

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