Want to Experiment With Eyeshadow? Try Nose-Bridge Makeup

January 27, 2023
Jordan Julian
By: Jordan Julian | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
person wearing a yellow hat and blue and orange eye makeup against a blue background

As beauty editors, we’re always looking for new ways to have fun with our makeup, from graphic eyeliner to statement blush. With eye makeup in particular, there is so much room for experimentation with color and different types of products. You can try a monochromatic neon look one night, complete with colored mascara, then try a grunge smoky eye the next. You can concentrate your eyeliner only in the inner corners of your eyes or paint streaks of glitter under your lower lash line like tears. 

But the next bold makeup look we can’t wait to try is arguably more out-there than any of those. We’re talking about nose-bridge makeup, a high-fashion trend straight from the runways. There is no right or wrong take on this look — it essentially just involves continuing your eye makeup towards or across the bridge of your nose. It can be whimsical or edgy, as simple as a wash of color or as elaborate as a three-dimensional embellishments. Ahead, we rounded up some nose-bridge makeup inspo for all of the beauty risk-takers out there.     

Nose-Bridge Makeup Ideas


This neon dream from @rowisingh makes a compelling case for coloring outside the lines. The bright splashes of color look as though she took a paint brush and haphazardly splattered the makeup. Here, the yellow and orange pigment stops just short of crossing the bridge of her nose, creating a butterfly wings effect. 

Pink and Green

To say we’re mesmerized by this stunning pink and green creation is putting it lightly. From the light pink flames to the mossy green shadow, this elaborate eye makeup look is a work of art. We love how everything is tied together with accents of violet glitter. For a similar green shade to the one used here, check out the Urban Decay Wild Greens Eyeshadow Palette.

Blue Waves

Waves of turquoise eyeliner are offset by strategically placed streaks of salmon-colored eyeshadow in this nose-bridge makeup look. Notice how @chudesasha kept the rest of the makeup minimal, with the exception of some peachy blush to complement the orange eyeshadow. You can try drawing your own colored eyeliner waves using the NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Colored Liquid Eyeliner.  


Words like “angelic” and “regal” come to mind when looking at this pearl-embellished makeup look. The centerpiece is obviously the bejeweled masterpiece decorating her nose, but the frosty white mascara is a gorgeous touch.

Pink Sparkles

How cute are the baby pink and white eyeliner sparkles decorating the bridge of @isabelleikpeme’s nose? She gets major bonus points for matching her girly makeup to her pastel hair and fluffy earmuffs.

Rainbow and Rhinestones

The colorful, Pride-inspired makeup in this photo is both fierce and joyful. The super-pigmented green, yellow and pink shades pop and the rhinestones add a hint of sparkle. We’re especially impressed with the tinted, perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Bedazzled Heart

We are totally crushing on the hot pink makeup vibe here. All of the details are adorable, down to the flick of matching eyeliner on the outer corners and the tiny rhinestone heart on her nose. Consider this look bookmarked for Valentine’s Day makeup inspo

Photo: @chudesasha, Design: Juliana Campisi

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