Inner Corner Eyeliner Is an Easy Way to Freshen Up Your Makeup Look

January 04, 2022
Sarah Ferguson
By: Sarah Ferguson | by L'Oréal
Inner Corner Eyeliner Is an Easy Way to Freshen Up Your Makeup Look

Lately, we have only two moods when it comes to eye makeup: either we’re too lazy to apply any at all or we want to experiment with bold, graphic looks. There is no in-between — well, actually, there kind of is, and that’s inner corner eyeliner. 


This look involves applying eyeliner along the inner corners of the eyes — sometimes just on that area (that’s when we’re feeling low-maintenance) or on that area and along the top lash line (when we’re feeling more ambitious). It’s easy to do and looks especially fun with colorful shades. Scroll through some of our favorite versions of the trend below to get inspired to create some inner corner eye looks yourself. 

Monochromatic Maroon

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes proves that burgundy eyeliner isn’t as intimidating as it may seem with this look. If you dare, follow her lead and wear it with a matching lip.

Double Winged Eyeliner

What’s better than one wing? Always two. Luckily, the inner corner wing is much easier to create (just trace along the area) than an outer corner wing.

Blue Streaks

If a full eye traced with a vibrant blue liner seems like a little much, just add pops of the shade on the inner and outer corners like makeup artist Chloe Pultar did here.

Neon Dream

Rowi Singh gets extra credit for adding swipes of pigment to the inner corners after creating an already-impressive neon orange gradient eye.

Pops of Color

Jazz up black eyeliner by highlighting the inner corners with bright color. And if you’re really feeling extra, swipe on some blue mascara like the L'OréalParis Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara in Cobalt Blue.

Photographer: Chaunte Vaughn

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