Cool Graphic Liner Looks for Every Makeup Skill Level

December 10, 2021
Ariel Wodarcyk
By: Ariel Wodarcyk | by L'Oréal
7 Graphic Eyeliner Tutorials 2022
If you’ve perfected the classic cat eye and are looking to experiment with new eyeliner techniques, graphic eyeliner is the way to go. From floating wings to glittering cut creases, there’s a geometric look that will fit your makeup aesthetic. Not sure where to start? We rounded up seven of our favorite graphic eyeliner tutorials for you to follow below.

Trendy Uniliner

You may have seen the mesmerizing videos all over Instagram, where a makeup artist takes a single stroke of colorful liquid liner and carries it from the outer corner of one eye to the other, crossing over the bridge of the nose for an abstract, one-line drawing look. The look originated from Jacinda, aka @adultsdrink’s Instagram page and we’ve been obsessed ever since. Learn how to recreate the unilner look here with influencer Sharon Wu.
person wearing graphic eye makeup

Bold Waves

Bright, colorful squiggles are such a fun way to play with makeup. We tapped Brittany Delgado to help us recreate these cute red, bubblegum pink and orange spirals in this tutorial.
person wearing graphic eye makeup

Mint Green Wings

An extended cat eye is an easy way to switch up your classic wing. Make it holiday-friendly by using a creamy mint green shade. In this tutorial, Dana Renée used the NYX Professional Jumbo Pencil in Macaroon and set it with a sheer, shimmery eyeshadow.
person wearing winged eyeliner

Metallic Cut Crease

We can’t think of a more head-turning NYE party look than this celestial cut crease creation by Sharon Wu. It’s also proof that hooded and monolids can totally pull off the graphic eyeliner trend.
person wearing graphic eye makeup

Floating Eyeliner

Sometimes getting your liner to rest perfectly on your lash line can be a daunting task. Instead, raise it above the crease, as Aniyah Smith did in this floating liner tutorial. She provided two more graphic eyeliner looks to try, including a dotted wing and a super cool two-toned look.
person wearing graphic eye makeup

Textured Wings

Jonet Williamson made classic black wings look ten times cooler in this graphic, textured tutorial. All you need to recreate her look is a black liquid liner and your favorite mascara. 

person wearing smudged eye makeup

Electric Blue Halo

Frame your crease and lower lashline with a pop of cobalt blue for a bold, playful liner look that makes every eye color pop. Follow along with Sadhvi Babu’s in-depth tutorial here.
person wearing graphic eye makeup

Design: Juliana Campisi

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