8 Air-Drying Hair Products We Love

8 Air-Drying Hair Products We Love

Air-drying hair is not always as easy as it sounds. And while it may seem a lot simpler to not go through the blow-drying process, unless you have extremely well behaved hair, the end result can be a disaster. Using the right air drying products is key.

”Never let your hair air dry without using professional products,” says Ulta Beauty Chief Artistic Director Nick Stenson. “Letting it dry without product will just leave the hair limp and frizzy.” So his go-to for air-drying hair without frizz? “I love using creams that will add to the texture of the hair and bring out the natural texture,” he says.

Below, we rounded up the top five air-drying products that will minimize your air-drying issues and keep frizz at bay.

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