May 23, 2016 Diana Crisan Looks

How to Wear Glitter Makeup Without Looking Like a Disco Ball

OK. So, we’re kind of getting carried away with the whole highlighter movement, but can you blame us? It seems like there’s no end to how dewy, glowy, shimmery or illuminated we try to get our skin to look. Confession: We’re about one step away from just taking the ultimate plunge and bedazzling our faces. But, since that would involve hot glue and a nightmarish removal process, we reached for the next best thing — glitter makeup. We got our hands on some amazing, sparkling products and found a way to apply the glitter principle to, well, everything. Yes, everything. Makeup guru Emily Oliver shows us how it’s done!


Glitter Eyes

Basic eyeliner has no place here! Once you’ve lined and flicked to perfection using your trusty liquid liner, add gold glitter just above to go from cat eye, to glam eye.

Get the Look: Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy


Glitter Cheeks

What can get the job done better than highlighter? Dare we say, GLITTER? Prime your cheeks with the NYX Glitter Primer to minimize fallout and tap on (either with your fingers or a fan brush) loose glitter where you would typically your highlight. #ProTip: Use a small, flat brush if you want a more concentrated look.

Get the Look: NYX Face & Body Glitter in Crystal


Who says there’s an age limit to playing with glitter?  *BOOM*

Photography: Jessica Schram

Makeup: Emily Oliver

Model: Julie Takash



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