Marisa Petrarca Dec 8, 2017

If you’re searching for a way to become Instagram famous overnight, coming up with a new, unique brow trend is a surefire way to make it big. As our readers are certainly well aware, 2017 was the year of crazy brow trends — like squiggly brows, braided brows and even Nike brows. And sure, we call these brow trends crazy, but even though we wouldn’t take to the streets in the look, it’s impossible not to marvel since they double as literal artwork. So without further adieu, let us introduce you to the latest brow trend to take over Instagram feed: Christmas Tree brows. Yup, they’re for real — and it’s the ultimate way to show off that you’re festive AF.

Christmas Tree brows take the feather brow trend to a whole new level. If you’re unfamiliar with this brow trend, it’s a method in which someone parts their brows down the middle using a glue stick (!?) to separate their top and bottom hairs in a way that resembles a feather. Many of the Instagrammers that we’ve seen with Christmas Tree brows use the feather brow technique with an added step — which is to add small jewels, shapes and stickers to get the effect of a festive tree full of ornaments. The best part is that every look is different, which gives us the perfect excuse to keep on staring until Christmas. Ahead, check out a few of our fave Christmas Tree brow looks.



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