Molly Nover-Baker Feb 7, 2017

At first glance, these pastel-hued creams may not be exactly what you thought you’d consider as a must-have item. But here’s why you’re wrong: we all have skin imperfections or dreaded dark circles and let’s face it, skin tone-matching concealers don’t always do the job when it comes to covering them up. That’s where these beauties come in. Each shade corresponds with another color (they’re opposite each other on the color wheel) that it’s supposed to cancel out. Sound confusing?  Pick a shade and we’ll explain.  

Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Orange, Blue creams



What it does: Neutralizes redness
Use it to cover: Acne breakouts, rosacea, birthmarks, rashes or skin irritations
How to apply it: Use a small concealer brush to blend the color-corrector directly on top of the mark, then gently feather the color out to the sides to blend it in and around. 


What it does: Hides blue or purple tones
Use it to cover: Bruises, broken capillaries or age spots
How to apply it: Dip a cosmetic sponge into the color, then gently tap and blend it over the area. Start with a light layer and add more as needed till the tones are covered. 


What it does: Eliminates unwanted yellow undertones
Use it to cover: Dark spots, old bruises or areas of dull complexion
How to apply it: Use a concealer brush or a makeup sponge to smooth the cream over the area. Then use your finger to blend the edges into your skin so the effect is seamless. 


What it does: Masks signs of fatigue
Use it to cover: Dark circles, sallow lifeless skin
How to apply it: Use your ring finger to gently tap and smooth the cream over the area. 


What it does: Hides deep discoloration on darker skin tones
Use it to cover: Dark spots, sun damage, acne scarring
How to apply it: See how-to’s for “purple”


What it does: Neutralizes orange discoloration
Use it to cover: Sun spots or pigmentations, self-tanner stains/streaks
How to apply it: Use a foundation brush to blend a thin layer of the blue color on. Reapply a second layer, feathering it out to the sides. If needed, use your finger to blend the edges. 

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About the Author:Molly Nover-Baker is a freelance beauty expert, writer, television personality and consultant.

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