We all know a cult beauty product when we see it: It shines a little brighter (it might be the fluorescent spotlights in our local Sephora, but that’s not the point), boasts thousands of five-star reviews and stands up to subsequent launches and dupes. They’re brought up in casual conversation and have more than a few articles and Reddit threads devoted to their effectiveness. In other words, they’re good — real good — and where many beauty newbies turn when fleshing out their stash. It’s important to note that cult doesn’t always mean ancient, and as much as we enjoy an OG product that’s still killing the game (looking at you Maybelline Great Lash Mascara), we’re always happy to celebrate the new holy grails on the block. With that in mind we’ve rounded up the recently-crowned cult-faves we’re adding to our collections immediately, ahead:

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