DIY Flower Crowns

Here at MDC, we love enlisting the help of beauty and fashion experts on topics near and dear to our hearts -- like DIY projects! For today's tutorial we asked renowned blogger and author Marisa Lynch of New Dress A Day to share her fave flower crown projects. Learn how she created the prettiest accessories with a just a few crafting tools and super-simple steps!

Let’s be honest. There’s something super appealing about flower crowns. What else can make you feel more feminine and free than a lovely floral wreath atop your head? We understand and want to indulge this girly whim in one of our favorite ways: a DIY tutorial. Whether you’re going for an ethereal and romantic wedding vibe or you just want to channel your innermost bohemian music festival starlet floral crowns can be created right at home without even setting foot into a floral shop.  Choose some faux blooms at the local craft store or pick up fresh flowers at the market on a green juice run. Get ready to get your craft on!

flowers 2


Flowers  (silk and real)

Grapevine wire

Floral tape

Floral cloth wire (for real flowers)

Wire cutters


Optional Supplies:

Hot glue gun (to add an extra bit of security to the crown)

Ribbon (as extra embellishments to tie to the ends)

Step 1.  Measure the circumference of your head with the grapevine wire (ie. 24 inches), add another half of that length (ie. 12 inches) to your measurement and cut two pieces of wire at this length. (ie. 36 inches)

Step 2. Take both ends and pinch your fingers an inch from the edge. Twist one piece of the wire around the other one at this inch mark, leaving one of the wires fully wound around the other one.

Step 3. At the wire knot, measure an inch and a half and twist one wire around the other at this mark.  You’ll be creating little diamond shape spaces in-between each wire twist.

Step 4. Repeat Step 3 until you get to the end of the wire.

Step 5. Measure the length of the completed wire around the circumference of your head and twist each tip around the other to secure the end point.

Step 6. Using a pair of wire cutters, trim the excess wire. (Feel free to add a bit of hot glue or wind floral tape around the wire tip to cover any sharp edges — getting poked in the head is no fun!)

Step 7. Take a flower, along with a portion of the plastic stem and place it in the center of the crown at one of the knotted edges of the diamond.

Step 8. Wrap floral tape around the plastic stem and one of the wires to secure in place. Trim excess tape.

Step 9. Repeat Step 8 until you’ve added enough flowers to your liking or the crown is completely covered. There are no rules here — go flower crazy or keep it simple and dainty!


Step 1. Take two strands of green floral wire and connect them to create one long strand. Measure the circumference of your head with the wire, twist the ends together to connect, and add floral tape to hold in place.

Step 2. Trim the fresh flowers, leaving about two inches of stem on each bloom.

Step 3. Create several flower bunches (two or three stems in each bunch) and wrap them together with floral tape. Begin to tape the bunches down to the wire base.

Step 4. Repeat Step 3 until you have added enough flowers to the front of the crown, or all the way around, depending on the amount you desire.

Now that your flower crown is ready to go, make sure your hair is on point too! Go for a naturally romantic look by rocking some soft, beach waves and setting the style with a flexible hold hairspray like L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Strong HoldQuick tip: Before curling the hair, spray some sea salt spray like Garnier Fructis De-Constructed Beach Chic — this will give your hair extra tousle-icious body. 



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