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We all have them sometimes: annoying, dark rings that form right under our eyes that let everyone around us know that we’re totally exhausted. Under eye circles even plague non-tired beauty gurus, and are sometimes a natural trait passed down in our families — much to our dismay. And even after applying concealer, we sometimes still find our circles or bags peeking through. That’s where under-eye prep comes in. When you add the right prep step to your concealer routine, your product will work so much better, and you’ll be able to cover circles so much easier.

Start by moisturizing your face and applying an eye cream, and then go in with a hefty eye gel to depuff and prime the under eye area. We love the Patchology Illuminating Under Eye Gels for this step because not only do they make us feel refreshed after one use, they are also chock full of vitamin C, which helps to brighten and even out skin tone and texture.

Next, after applying primer and foundation, you want to go in with a powerful concealer to really minimize the appearance of dark circles. The new NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer is our favorite for this because it’s extremely full coverage, buildable and comes in a variety of shades. (Hack: Choose a slightly lighter tone to really brighten.)

Dark circles ain’t got nothing on this eye routine — and we guarantee you’ll be hooked once your try this duo together.

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