Feb 20, 2017

You’ve probably noticed: We’re living in an era of serious eyebrow envy. From major #browpso on Instagram to countless tutorials on YouTube, we just can’t get enough — and we want ’em bigger, bolder, and more defined than ever. Your arches likely fall into one of two camps: sparse (maybe from years of over-plucking), or fairly dense, but lacking definition. (Don’t feel bad; even bushy-brow muse Cara Delevingne wouldn’t have those covetable brows without a little help.) Thankfully, there’s one product that can tackle both issues:L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Frame + Set, a lightweight, creamy mousse pomade that comes in four easy-to-match shades, plus a double-ended tool with an angled brush on one end and a spoolie on the other. Whether you want to beef up your non-existent brows, or simply give your thick pair a little more shape, we’ve got the easy, step-by-step plan for you.

Perfectly Defined, Thick Brows

If You Need To Thicken Up

Step 1: Brush up

Running the spoolie (that’s the mascara wand-like tool) through your clean brows will help better reveal your natural shape and expose any gaps and bare spots in need of filling.

Step 2: Draw in missing hairs

Dip just the tip of the angled brush into the pomade. Then draw in individual hairs with light, upward strokes. Use a feather light touch. You can always go back and add more if needed. 

Step 3: Now fill

To create a denser look, pick up more product with the side of your brush, and swipe through brows. Start in the center and blend out toward the tail. Then without adding more product to your brush, run the brush through the inner corners. Women tend to overload the front end of the brow, which can look heavy and harsh. This trick keeps the focus where you want it: on the arch and tail.  

Step 4: Brush and blend

Don’t skip this crucial step. A final brush-though helps blend and soften any obvious lines.

If You Need Definition and Shape

Step 1: Find your Natural Arch

Holding the brush diagonally, align it with the outside of your nostril and the iris of your eye. Where the brush hits your brow should be the highest part of your arch. This is what you want to define (keep reading).

Step 2: Outline your shape

Now dip the thin, angled side of the brush in the mousse and trace along the outside of your brow — top and bottom.  Work in straight lines; an overly curved brow never looks natural.

Step 3: Fill just the arch

You have plenty of brow hair, so you don’t need to fill all over. But adding a little bit of color to your natural arch will give it more definition and make it appear more lifted. Use the angled brush to add a touch of mousse to the top side of your arch.

Step 4: Brush up and out

Now use the spoolie to brush hairs upward and outward, blending the color and giving your thick brows a more groomed look.

four steps brow stylist frame


What’s your favorite brow-defining trick? Tell us in the comments below!


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