Just as a pristine new coat of nail polish can make your day, a fresh smudge really kicks that feeling to the curb. Hold on to that great feeling — and save time redoing your whole nail — with these clever tricks for solving a small polish goof.

nail polish goof

If you smudged a fresh coat …

Gently push the polish back into place with the pad of your finger. Then, brush over the problem spot with a fresh coat of the nail color. If you nick a still-sticky nail after leaving the salon and don't have the same color at home, do the same thing as above, but use a generous swipe of clear polish, like L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Nail in Top of the Line to blend in the boo-boo. (We highly recommend always bringing your own nail polish to the salon so you have it available for little touch-ups.)

If the damage is worse than a little nick …

Dip the pad of your finger from the opposite hand in nail polish remover, then gently rub the flawed area, using a circular motion to buff it out. Follow with a coat of clear top coat to blend.

If the tips of nails are rubbing off or chipping on a days-old mani…

Trim the nails with a nail clipper (using as few snips as possible) and seal with a coat of clear top coat.

If several nails have been dinged up …

Disguise imperfections with a clear but glittery coat, like Essie Luxeffects Sparkle on Top or Pure Pearlfection. This will seal the nail to prevent further chips and cover up existing issues.

When are you most likely to mess up your nails?
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