Diana Crisan Nov 20, 2015

We hate to say it, but there’s a trendy bun in town that may be giving the classic messy bun a run for its money. Bold statement, we know. But for those days you have to look extra “put-together” in a flash, the low bun has your back — literally! We called in hair and makeup pro Marygene Rose to help us put a bit of a professional spin on a notably classic hairdo and here’s what happened when we flipped things upside down …

how to: low bun

Step 1. Leaving a front section loose, pull the remaining hair back into a low pony with an elastic band.


Step 2. Split the pony into two sections and wrap one around the base of your ponytail, covering the elastic.

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Step 3. Tease the remaining half just slightly and tuck it underneath the base of your ponytail with a bobby pin.


Step 4. Sweep the front section of hair (that was left out in Step 1) back and pin it down just underneath the bun for a sleek look.


Step 5. Tug at the sides of your low bun, to create a fan-like effect and you’re done!


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Photo: Carlos Moscat
Hair: Marygene Rose
Model: Caitlin Crommett 



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