We’ll be the first to say it: Liquid eyeliner can be scary as hell. It’s super pigmented, hard to clean up and clunky to apply – especially if you’re using the wrong tool to apply it. Great liquid eyeliner comes from a precise pen tip, and that’s why shopping for the right pen is the key to overcome your fear of a messed up wing. Cue: NYX Professional Makeup Super Fat Eye Marker and IT Cosmetics Superhero Liner. And once you have a pen like these in hand, these four easy liquid eyeliner looks will be a breeze to apply.


 Grab your pen of choice and star at about three-quarters of the way in on your lash line. Using the heel of your hand as an anchor on your chin, slowly drag the liner across your upper lash line, staying as close to your eyelashes as possible. Drag the line out with a simple flick once your reach the outer corner, and thicken the line as you please. 


Following the same notion as the cat eye, start by dragging your liner across your upper lash line, and flick it out in an upward angle away from the outer corner of your eye. Take your pen and go to the end of the line you just made, and connect it with your outer corner, to create a hollowed out cat-eye.





Apply your cat eye as you would normally, and then go back in to thicken the line. In your second application, draw out another, thinner wing on your bottom lash to add a little flair to your basic cat eye.


If you’re in the mood to create a totally out-of-the-box liquid liner look, add a little tape into the mix and create oblong rectangular wings. Grab a small piece of tape and place it perpendicular to your natural eye crease, and place another across. After lining your eye normally, go back in and outline the box shape you created with the tape. Fill them in with your liquid liner, and you’ll have a super mod liner look that is sure to garner some double takes.




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