Whether you were one of thousands of people participating in the NYC Pride March or tuned in via your Instagram feed last week, you know that people don’t play around when it comes to crafting the perfect pride sign. We’ve seen all sorts of ‘em, ranging from fresh and witty to emotional and inspiring — all so good, we want to keep them coming.


Pride represents something different for all of us. Watch our IG Story ⬆️ to see what it means for some of our team members. More #SignsOfPride are on the way. 🎨 by @cosmicsomething

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Thankfully, we can, because one of our favorite beauty brands, L’Oréal, just released a video about this year’s NYC Pride March that’ll give you all the feels. To help bring together the community and share the stories behind why we march, four LGBTQ+ artists collaborated with four L'Oréal employees to create inspiring #SignsOfPride for the big day. The whole process went as follows: One of the artists interviewed a LGBTQ+ L'Oréal employee about their personal journey to learn what inspired them to march in this year’s Pride Parade. From there, the artist created a pride sign that reflected their feelings and unique story.


Check out the video below to see how everyone’s signs came together from beginning to end...


Want to learn more about the collaborators? Check out the BTS videos of the artists and employees working together here.  

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Artwork by @byisabel with Kelly Buchanan Spillers courtesy L'Oreal USA


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