8 Hilarious Nail Polish Fails All Beauty Lovers Can Relate To

March 05, 2018
Marisa Petrarca
By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
nails being painted with essie nude nail polish

We’ve all suffered a #BeautyFail one time or another, be it in the safety of your bedroom or in the center of the public eye. If the thought of it still makes you cringe, know you aren't alone. Plenty of makeup wearers — from novices to experts — struggle to coexist with their makeup on some days. Examples you might relate to include stabbing yourself in the eye with your mascara or over tweezing your brows (be it in middle school or present day — no judgement). No matter how perfect you are as a human being, we’re doubtful you aren’t a member of the Beauty Blunder Club — only one beauty mistake necessary for admittance.

As embarrassing and defeating as your beauty mistake might feel in the moment, chances are it’ll make for a great story afterwards — or at least a Tweet. This time around, we’re covering our favorite nail polish fails. Check out eight relatable picks, ahead:

"Without fail, immediately following the application of nail polish, I've either got to pee or scratch an itch. Why does this happen?!" -@Blue_Lynn88.

"Contrary to what the internet says, you cannot remove nail polish with an old toothbrush and toothpaste." -@vt_miller

"New levels of fail: forgetting my nail polish is drying and going to itch the inside of my nose. now my nostril is purple n also smells v polishy." -@lecaitlind

"On today's 10 minute clip of #TheAdventuresOfTanvi we follow our fail human girl attempt to wear red nail polish. Except, the nail polish goes on her black shirt, the newspaper and her arm. Her fingers however look like someone attempted to chop them off but failed." -@PerfectSunSeth

"Me every time without fail: *spends half hour painting nails* *messes them up within 10 minutes of finishing* *attempts to fix it* *takes off all nail polish.*" -@turkey_samwich

"I continue to go to bed with wet nails and without fail continue to wake up with nail polish in my hair the next day." -@TashaMaree20

"Just did my nails. It made me realize I'm not the "color inside the lines" type." -@Stacilyn716

"You know how your mom will tell you things like "Don't do your nails on your bed". Well, the clear nail polish on my sheets agrees." -@stephano93

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