beauty toolsSo, you’ve got your flat iron, lash curler, beauty blender and the best brushes yet — hands down, these are all necessities! But there are other beauty tools out there that we seriously cannot live without, and we don’t think you should either. While they may not seem all that “traditional,” we’ll have you wondering why you never used an ice cube or plain ol’ cereal spoon in your beauty routine before. The best part? Chances are, you’ve already got most of these tools lying around your kitchen or bathroom cabinet!

1. Toothbrush
toothbrush tips

You already use one of these — at least, we hope you do. Little did you know that the use of a toothbrush extends far beyond brushing your teeth! Not only can you use one to tame flyaways and tease your hair, but you can also shape your brows, scrub your nails, fix a fake tan, exfoliate your lips, clean your blowdryer — we really could go on and on …

2. Ice Cubes
ice tricks

One of the most versatile beauty tools is just sitting there in your freezer, waiting to be used for something other than chilling your vodka soda (although that is indeed a worthy purpose). Running ice over your face is the easiest way to depuff eyes after a long night, shrink the appearance of pores, soothe a sore pimple and brighten up your overall complexion. Hello, dewy skin and rosy cheeks!

3. Clarisonic
clarisonic tips

You’ve heard the hype before, and for good reason, too! If you aren’t already cleansing your skin with a Clarisonic daily, you’re really missing out. Have you ever washed your face, only to dry it off and realize your white towel is still stained with makeup? That’s because you’re not getting the deep clean a facial cleansing brush can achieve. Regular use of a Clarisonic will reduce the appearance of pores, acne, oil and even improve signs of aging!

4. T-Shirt for a Towel
tshirt towel trick

Anything that prevents hair breakage and frizz is a tool in our beauty book! When wrapping your wet hair post-shower, swap out your regular bath towel for an old, cotton T-shirt. Unlike the grooves of a towel that rough up your hair’s texture and create frizz, the flat surface of a tee will only absorb excess water (not your hair’s moisture), leaving you with smooth strands.

5. Spoon
spoon tricks

Go to your kitchen and grab a spoon. Now you can contour your face like a pro. No joke! A spoon is the perfect vessel to not only help you land model makeup looks, but also master the cat eye, curl your lashes, heat to heal a pimple and even cool to treat puffy eyes.

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6. Spoolie
spoolie hacks

You know that little wand you use to apply mascara? Yes, that one — that’s a spoolie! Like a toothbrush, a spoolie can also be used to groom unruly brows, exfoliate your lips, declump your lashes, clean up smudged mascara, tame flyaways  — it’s the perfect little beauty tool!

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7. Makeup Genius
beauty app

Nothing makes a gal happier than looking gorgeous without a stitch of makeup on. That’s where the L’Oréal Paris Makeup Genius iPhone app comes in. The next time you take a #selfie, you can create just about any makeup look, without the time or effort! Plus, it’s perfect for trying out new trends (like orange lipstick!) without having to make a purchase first.

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