Passionate lipstick hoarders like myself have probably come across Winky Lux Flower Balm lipstick — AKA the Instagrammable, color-changing lipstick with actual flowers inside its clear bullet. As you know, we have an affinity for products that are as beautiful as they are effective, which is why Winky Lux products hold a special place in our hearts. It’s not only the brand’s lipstick that steals the show, but the 24kt Glimmer Balm, Kitten Palette and Whipped Cream Primer are all covetable, addictive makeup essentials for beauty lovers.

As you can imagine, Winky Lux IRL is a beauty lover’s paradise and a place we’d like to comfortably move into for the rest of eternity. Unsurprisingly, the store is millennial pink, decked out in flower covered walls, neon signs and stocked with bestselling Winky Lux products. You can find it at 69 Ludlow Street in NYC.

“The new Winky Lux showroom is a branded experience where shoppers can come in and play with or buy the products in person. We’ve planned a steady stream of meetups, workshops and co-branded events each designed to spark their imagination. The idea is to give our customers a place to hang out. We also want them to meet each other and form new friendships with other beauty lovers,” explains co-founder and CEO Natalie Mackey.

We encourage you to stalk the Winky Lux Facebook page for store events and activities. And if you’re already on your way to the downtown train, we encourage you to bring a backup charger and make room in your photo storage because the Winky Lux brick-and-mortar experience is a serious endeavor.


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