It’s safe to say that we’re pretty hack-crazy.

In life, in the kitchen, and with our beauty routines—we are officially obsessed with taking the quickest and fastest route possible. Tips on how to keep our headphones from tangling? We’re all ears. Hacks on how to clean the blender after mixing up a smoothie? Please share. Tricks on how to contour? Now you really have our attention.

Pinterest and Instagram are both glaring examples of how fanatical we are about all things beauty hacks. To share the obsession love, we compiled 10 of our favorite beauty tips to help your routine, and well, life, get a whole lot easier!

1. Mascara Tips for Longer Lashes

You may think applying mascara doesn’t require a ton of technique, but you’d be wrong! The powers of a spoolie extend far beyond a single swipe. See what we mean: 8 Mascara Tricks That Will Change Your Beauty Routine

2. How to Get Dewy Skin

These days, it seems like all of our attention is focused on dewy skin and the best highlighters. So, you know we had to share our favorite tricks on how to get the glow—without the glitter: 5 Highlighter Hacks to Master the Dewy Skin Look

 foundation hacks 

3. Tips for Big & Bright Eyes

If anything gives away a rough night of zero-sleep or overindulgent behavior, it’s your eyes. They have a way of letting the world know exactly how your last 12 hours were spent, and sometimes no amount of tea bags or ice cubes can rescue you. That’s not so say that a little makeup can’t help. These tips will have you looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed, even on the most hungover of mornings: 9 Makeup Tricks That Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

4. Life-Changing Ways to Use Bobby Pins

Bobby pins may be one of the greatest gifts from the beauty gods. This small-but-scrappy tool covers a lot of ground, and we’re not just talking about keeping hair in place. Find out more about the many wonders that can come from one little pin, including how to use one to perfect your cat eye: The 10 Best Bobby Pin Beauty Hacks

bobby pin tip

5. Beauty Hacks to Avoid

We hate to divert from our hack-happy message, but not all quick-and-dirty tricks are user-friendly. In fact, some are just downright stupid. Deodorant on your face? Ya, this is one you can toss back, along with a few others: Beauty Hacks You Should NEVER Try

6. Best Hair & Beauty Pinterest Tips

If you’re anything like us, you can spend hours (maybe days) on Pinterest, searching for new makeup material. From tricks on how apply red lipstick to messy buns and more, there’s a plethora of beauty finds at your fingertips. We highlighted some of the best pins, so you can spend less time tutorial surfing and more time on that smoky eye:The 15 Most Popular Beauty Hacks & Tricks on Pinterest

Pony tail hair tutorial

7. Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

There’s no greater buzzkill quite like a bad hair day. Waking up with frizzy, wayward strands is enough to make you want to call in sick and stay put in the safety of your bed. But, thanks to these hair hacks, you can now look a bad hair day in the eye and say, “I’m the boss now.” Because you are: 6 Hacks for Your Best Hair This Week

8. Pro Tips on How to Shape Your Brows

Along with dewy skin, brows have been the topic of conversation both at HQ and well, everywhere else. When it comes to trying to find the perfect product or method to achieving the boldest and baddest brows, we don’t play around. And we want what’s best for you (and your eyebrows), so we’ve got some hacks that will get you to bada$$ brow status: A Makeup Artist’s Guide to Hacking Your Brow Shape

what your eyebrow shape means 

9. Expert Makeup Hacks for Emergencies

There’s nothing worse than messing up your makeup when you’re a girl on the go. These pro-approved touch-up tricks will have your face covered, no matter the beauty emergency: 10 Expert Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

10. Spoolie Tricks to the Rescue

Spoolies are one of those makeup tools that seems like it only serves one purpose. However, like most things in life, if you dig a little deeper there’s an array of possibilities in this little brush that go way beyond applying mascara, like taming those pesky flyaways: 4 Beauty Hacks Using a Mascara Spoolie

Hairspray hack



What’s your go-to beauty hack? Tell us your secret in the comments below!

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