Have you ever noticed that Camilla Belle kind of looks like (as in really looks like) she could be Elizabeth Taylor’s long lost granddaughter? The resemblance is kind of uncanny — so much so that it made perfect sense for her to co-host a party for the new Elizabeth Taylor Love & White Diamonds fragrance. We recently caught up with the star to get the scoop on her beauty routine, getting the classic Liz Taylor look and how she manages to be so damn pretty.


According to Belle, the key to looking flawless is keeping it lowkey. “Less is always more” she says, and “moisturize a lot.” She’s also an advocate for removing all makeup before going to bed each night — a tip that’s been passed down from grandmas and beauty editors alike.


When it comes to skincare, she’s a routine mask-er, using Sunday nights to unwind, watch a little Anthony Bourdain and swap skincare snaps with her best friend. Camilla Belle is just like us, guys! Her faves come from straight from Japan (she stocked up on her recent trip there) and she prefers ones with animal faces (tbh, same).

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