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While argan, marula and coconut oils are all stars on the beauty ingredient scene, there’s another oil threatening to disrupt their long held reign. The buzzy beauty ingredient in question is cannabis — also known as marijuana or weed — a psychoactive plant that can be used both recreationally and medicinally. In recent years, cannabis has undergone a makeover both legally and culturally; what was once a hallmark of drug culture and used to sustain the “War on Drugs”, is now being used in everything from moisturizer to mascara.

Of the cannabis derived oils, CBD is the buzziest ingredient of them all. CBD offers many of the benefits of cannabis (think pain relief and anxiety reduction) without the psychoactive properties that make you feel “high”. This makes it appealing for a wide range of people, and is now eclipsing the OG cannabis-derived oil: hemp. Ahead we’ve rounded up our favorite cannabis-infused beauty buys — including a new facial oil infused with cannabis sativa (that’s weed, weed if you’re wondering) and a mascara beauty lovers can’t get enough of.


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