While everyone else is talking about the Best Picture debacle, all we really want to hone in are those NAILS! Gorgeous, shiny, perfectly manicured digits were undeniably these actresses best accessories. And while their dresses were sexy, frothy works of art, they kept their nails classic and sophisticated, in varying shades of earth tone neutrals.

Simple Steps to Recreate These Beautiful Nail Looks at Home 

Step 1:

Always begin your manicure with a nail primer, like Essie Primer Color Corrector. Its purpose is to resurface or conceal any imperfections or discolorations--especially important when going for a nearly nude shade.

Step 2:

Lay your foundation with a base coat like Essie First Base. A base coat helps your color stay put, and for longer.

Step 3:

Finish with two coats of a clear top coat like Essie No Chips Ahead. This layer helps to seal and protect your color, while also boosting shine.


Click through our slideshow to see who wore what.

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