Sure, we'd love to get our nails manicured on the daily, but if we did, our bank account would likely give us the side eye. Of course, time is also an important factor in determining how often we get our nails done. Because sitting in that comfy massage chair for two hours? Ain't nobody got time for that on the reg.

That said, the DIY’er in us still can't trim a cuticle quite like the pros, so let’s break it down. How often should you really get a mani-pedi? Continue reading to find out!

The Lifestyle Factor 

The amount of TLC your digits need is very much dependent on your daily routine. For instance, the homebody — aka the Netflix binge-watcher — and the avid hiker have very different nail care needs. Consider these lifestyle questions to determine how often you should get a mani-pedi:

Bad Habits

We're all have our vices — for some it’s staying up until 2 a.m. scrolling through Snapchat, for others it’s skin picking and nail biting. The tell tale signs of the former are dark undereye circles, whereas scrappy nail beds are a clear sign of the latter. Which sounds more like you?


Nail Preferences

Another thing to consider when determining how often you should get a mani-pedi is how on-trend you are. For instance, which nail shape suits you — long, short, "squoval," almond? Here are some other questions to help guide you:

Here’s the Deal

Once a Week

If you’re constantly on the go, live an active lifestyle, text all day long and love to cook, your nails are probably taking the brunt of it. Washing dishes and chomping on your nails is not doing your mani any favors either. May we suggest convincing your roomie or significant other to tackle more household responsibilities? This will also leave you with more time to try the ‘next big thing’ in nail art — chrome nails!

Either way, don’t slow down for anyone. Except for your favorite nail artist once a week and when applying a cuticle oil in-between visits.

essie cuticle oil 

Every Two Weeks

Maybe you’d rather lay on the beach than play on it. Or you’re more of a eat-out-at-that-new-restaurant-you-just-read-about kinda gal. You’ve got your outdoorsy moments, but you also enjoy reading in your favorite armchair and relaxing at the nail salon to regain your sanity in this busy world. Nothing too “out-there,” but a fresh coat of the season’s hottest nail shade will do.


Once a Month

You go, you don’t go—your nails are pretty low maintenance. You can stand to prolong your visits because you’re comfortable enough to DIY them with an at-home gel formula. Plus, you have a dishwasher. You go to the salon to get those nail beds buffed and stray cuticles clipped, so you don’t encounter any snags during movie night.

How often do you visit the nail salon? Share your nail care routine in the comments below!

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