Angela Melero Jun 29, 2016

In a perfect world, all makeup looks and products would be created equal. They would match every skin tone, eye color and face shape perfectly. Alas, makeup is not a one-size-fits-all kinda thing. Sigh.

This cruel reality can be especially evident with eye makeup. There are hundreds upon hundreds of gorgeous shades, color combinations and textures out there, but not every one of them is going to be complementary to your eye color. And, since eyes are the crown jewels of our faces, we want to show them off, right? Well, to help you out, we hunted down the perfect eye shadow palette for your eye color. Oh, and we threw in an eye shadow look to boot! The world may be a little more perfect than we thought …

Blue Eyes

For Blue Eyes …

You and your baby blue have it pretty good. It’s likely your bright, ocean-colored eyes are the first thing people notice. Well, give ‘em even more reason to stare by trying a sultry, brown smoky eye that provides the perfect color contrast for your eyes!

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Hazel Eyes

For Hazel Eyes …

Your eyes are quite an enigma. You’re not quite brown and not quite green, but somehow manage to get the best of both worlds. You lucky lady. Own those dual-colored eyes by rocking an eye look that mimics the same green-to-brown ratio.

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Brown Eyes

For Brown Eyes …

A little chrome effect goes a long way with your brown peepers. Start with neutral, earthy browns as a base and top it off with a soft, shimmery finish for an illuminating eye look that will deepen and dramatize your eye color.


Green Eyes

For Green Eyes …

Your emerald eyes are a rare commodity, so you better put those babies on display. Offset the green with rusty orange eye makeup to really make them pop. Make sure to blend the shadow out well so it has more of a smoky effect and to avoid overly concentrated color.


Photography: Jessica Schram

Makeup: Alana Dawn

Models: Lauren Rote, Alyssa Lumpee, Chantal Plamondon



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