Jessyca Dewey Apr 10, 2014
There are several theories around the origin of what we call “tribal” prints, but one thing is certain: Throughout its history, the defining theme has been the inconsistencies and imperfections in the patterns. These days, this print is synonymous with music festival season, and it’s these inconsistencies and variations that make this free-spirited festival mani so easy to do yourself. Essentially, this mani is a variation of dots, lines and geometric shapes. Switch up the print on each nail, but maintain these themes throughout. festival nails Supplies:  


Step 1: As always, apply a base coat first. Then paint your entire nail with a white nail polish, like essie’s Blanc.   Step 2: Select the area you want to fill with color. We chose to use essie’s Romper Room to create a triangle on the tip of the pointer finger, as pictured.   Step 3: Whether you choose to use more than one color is up to you, so this step is optional. We liked the idea of having essie’s Truth or Flare blue shade as a triangle opposite the pink.   Step 4: Use a striper tool with black polish to outline the shapes you colored in. Remember, the lines are a key component to this look so it’s OK if they’re not perfect. You can adjust them to be as thin or thick as you want. Even a double line would look great.   Step 5: Use another color to add dots where it seems fitting. We used essie’s Good As Gold for three dots.   Step 6: Apply a top coat to make everything smooth and shiny.     Are you heading to a music festival this summer? Tell us about it in the comments!


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