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We are not ones to lecture … much. However, when it comes to your skin health, sometimes we have to put our bossy pants on and give it to you straight. Now is that time. As much as we understand and relate to your love for sweets and deliciously fried food, that junk is not doing anything for your mug. In fact, it might be encouraging (not causing) your skin to behave badly (breakouts, redness, oil, etc.). So for once, we’re going to side with your mother and urge you to explore some healthier foods that happen to also be skin-savers. Check out the top eight foods that might fix your skin woes!

1. Carrots

Skin Issue: Acne, sallowness, aging skin

Rich in carotenoids, carrots are known to lend pale or yellowing skin a healthy glow and golden tone. Talk about getting a natural tan! The nutrients in carrots also help treat acne — raw carrot juice can be directly applied to blemishes to help clear them up! If you’re still not sold on this orange skincare dream machine, here’s one more fun fact for you: The vitamin A content in carrots make the vegetable a great anti-aging ally and can help retain skin’s elasticity. Yes, please! 

2.  Oatmeal

Skin Issues: Acne and dry or irritated skin

In addition to being a yummy, hearty breakfast food, oatmeal is also packed with skin benefits. Oats are super-soothing and help calm acne flare-ups, redness and irritation, as well as more intense conditions like rashes and poison ivy reactions. If you have sensitive skin, try incorporating oatmeal-infused products into your skincare regimen!

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3.  Blueberries

Skin Issues: Acne, broken capillaries

It’s amazing how such a small fruit can pack such a wallop of benefits. Rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, blueberries can help balance and normalize oil levels in the skin, resulting in less congestion and sebum buildup. The small-but-mighty fruit also can aid with broken capillaries in the skin, which can cause blotchiness and spider veins. The vitamin C levels in blueberries help strengthen blood vessels, making them less likely to break. Try popping some blueberries in your oatmeal or yogurt as part of your plan of attack to keep your skin in check!

4.  Kale

Skin Issues: Dark undereye circles, premature aging

Kale is chock-full of vitamins A and K, which are essential in protecting your skin against free-radical damage and premature lines and wrinkles. Vitamin K is also known to help perk up the sensitive eye area and address dark circles. We bet that kale smoothie trend you’ve been avoiding is starting to sound a little more appealing now, right?

5.  Raspberries

Skin Issues: Aging skin, dull skin

Raspberries are a great pick-me-up for dull, lifeless mugs, as they nourish and promote rosy, glowing skin. They are also packed with anti-aging properties and can help combat wrinkles and fine lines.

6.  Pumpkin

Skin Issues: Acne, pigmented skin

Like most bright-colored fruits and vegetables, pumpkin does a body — and skin — a whole lot of good. You’ll often find pumpkin as a key ingredient in masks, scrubs and peels, as its vitamin content makes for great skin food. Pumpkin enzymes, in particular, are effective in sloughing the skin of dead skin cells, while the vegetable’s beta-carotene content nourishes and retains moisture and color.

7.  Coffee

Skin Issues: Puffy eyes, cellulite

That shot of energy and revival delivered by coffee beans can also be utilized on your face and body. The caffeine content in coffee can combat the bags and puffiness on your eye area, which is why it’s often an ingredient in eye products. Coffee can also be a quick-fix for hiding cellulite!

Product Recommendations: Kiehl’s Eye Alert

8.  Olive Oil

Skin issues: Dry skin, rough, chapped skin

Olive oil is not new on the beauty scene. In fact, its cosmetic uses can be traced back to ancient Egypt. This thick, rich oil delivers some serious moisture and is great for treating rough, chapped skin. Moisturizing body washes, lotions and serums often contain olive oil because of its magical properties.

Product Recommendations: The Body Shop Jumbo Olive Shower Gel

Which of these foods is your fave? Tell us in the comments below!

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