Zachary Morad Jul 11, 2014

When it comes to hair repair, finding the right superhero treatment can be tricky. You see, there are a ton of repair products on the market today targeting unique conditions, issues and hair types, making it difficult to choose the one that will address your individual needs. To help you on your quest for healthier hair, we came up with the best solutions for your personal hair woes. You’re welcome!

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Fine Hair
Fine hair can be very fragile and because of this, everyday activities can really take a toll on its integrity. Blowdrying, ironing and coloring  can easily dry out fine locks and eventually damage them to the point of breakage. When it comes to conditioner, opt for a leave-in over a normal conditioner. Try a leave-in like Matrix Repair Break Fix Leave-In Elixir to help restore your hair to a healthier state.

Split Ends
Sometimes you can find yourself face-to-face with your split ends in the mirror. Yikes! Instead of screaming at your reflection, take some action. Switch up your haircare and styling routine, which might be lacking some much-needed moisture and TLC because you haven't had time to get a haircut. In-between hair appointments, try an instant rejuvenator like Ojon Damage Reverse Treatment — it recharges hair after just one use!

Dry, Coarse Hair
Some of us are born with naturally dry, somewhat coarse hair. When natural oils aren't enough to deliver the moisture you need, seek a little outside help! Try a solution like Redken Diamond Oil Deep Facets Intensive Treatment, which nourishes, strengthens and softens even the most parched manes. A great tip to get that extra boost of hydration is to add a couple drops of Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine before applying the repair treatment.

Color-Damaged Hair
Is your double-process blonde or ombré working against you? Keep your fab color and get some moisture back in those locks with a nourishing hair mask like L’Oréal Pro-Keratin Refill Masque. Designed specifically for ultra-damaged hair, this intense treatment delivers smoother, stronger hair that you'll notice instantly!

Chemically Damaged Hair
Unfortunately, there are certain circumstances that can leave hair in severely compromised condition. Whether it's a straightening treatment or a color correction, oftentimes it is very difficult  to revive our hair's natural luster. For heavy-duty repair, try Shu Eumura Art of Hair Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Treatment, which addresses severely damaged hair by nourishing, hydrating and softening while improving flexibility and elasticity. Quick tip: While applying the solution, place a warm towel over your hair to promote deeper absorption.

What’s your hair-saving solution? Fill us in in the comments below.

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About the Author:Zachary is a New York-based hair stylist with an A-list client roster that's included Catherine Zeta-Jones, Janice Dickinson and Nicole Miller (to name a few).

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