Faith Xue Feb 22, 2014
It’s happened again. You wake up with the familiar smell of regret, your clothes strewn across the floor, an empty pizza box open next to you and – no, no, no – your phone clutched in your hand with a string of unintelligible texts to the one person you shouldn’t be texting at two am on a Friday. You, my friend, are suffering from major post-alcohol regret – or what is most commonly known as a hangover. Whether you tossed back too many glasses of Merlot while watching Ab Fab with your best friend, or shots of tequila fueled your epic bar hop rampage, we’ve all experienced the pounding headache that serves no purpose other than to remind us of last night’s mistakes. And as much as you would like to wallow in regret for the next two days, you most likely will have places to be and people to see – thus is the hard reality of life. To avoid looking like you jumped on the bar the night before and started singing "Like a Virgin" (…again), we’ve gathered eight hangover-fighting beauty products to help you fake a well-rested, “I didn’t have five mojitos last night” look. Cheers to that! hangover beauty products For your flaky, parched skin Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream – Intense Hydration: If you wake up dying for a glass of water, your skin is probably on the parched side as well. Restore its natural moisture balance with this ultra-nourishing version of Kiehl’s bestselling everyday face cream.   For your dead, soulless eyes Garnier Ultra-Life Anti-Wrinkle Eye Roller: Being hungover usually means you didn’t exactly get 8 hours of quality beauty rest the night before (that nap you took on the bar stool doesn’t count). To soothe and tighten any raccoon-like eye bags, give your eye area a swipe with this brightening roller ball.   For lack of luster Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer: Bring back your skin’s natural radiance with this miracle product – the light-reflecting particles will help you fake a “I just got back from the spa” look the morning after (even if you’re actually channeling more of a “I just got back from the tiki bar where I guzzled four margaritas” vibe).   For cracked, zombie-like lips Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me: It’s not a secret that the entire MDC office is obsessed with Baby Lips – but this cherry-hued tint is a particular favorite. An ultra-moisturizing balm with just the right amount of color, a quick swipe of this cult favorite will have you feeling like a whole different person (read: possibly capable of doing more than sitting on your couch all day eating leftover Chinese food you don’t remember ordering).   For your colorless complexion Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy: To channel the rosy glow you got after your first drink last night (if only you had stopped there…), dab some color on your cheeks with this best-selling cheek stain from Tarte – no actual alcohol consumption required.   For overall dullness Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat: The magical powers of this tiny pen are unexplainable – the only way we can describe it is bottled sunshine. Use this on your cheekbones, down your nose and even under your eyes to instantly look glowy, awake and refreshed (even if you’re still dying on the inside).   For blotchy, puffy skin Dermablend Intense Powder Camo: You wake up and immediately wish you could cover up your, um, antics, from the night before. Unfortunately, a time machine has yet to be invented that would make that possible. Fortunately, you can conceal last night’s toil on your visage. This full-coverage powder foundation goes on smoothly and will cover everything – and we mean everything (looking at you, Ms. Spilled Martini).   For dryness that just won’t go away Brad Anti-Fatigue Mist: You’ve learned your lesson (until next Friday, that is), but your skin doesn’t seem to want to forgive you for last night’s sins. Enter this energizing, plumping, brightening face mist from Brad – one spray of this potent formula and your skin will look dewy and bright.   Have you used any of these products to cover up a hangover? What are your hangover beauty remedies? Tell us in the comments!   photo credit: Kiehl's, Garnier, Giorgio Armani, Maybelline, Tarte, Dermablend, Yves Saint Lauren, Brad


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