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We’re glow-aholics here at — no joke. We’ve mastered the shimmery cheekbone, loaded up on foiled eyeshadows and have our glitter-dusted collarbone technique down pat. While we love to glam up our faces, we’re turning the attention to our pasty AF legs, because, well, they’re suffering big time in the shimmer department. Traumatized by memories of streaky-self-tannings past and unwanted color transfer, we’ve been admittedly hesitant to grab our body makeup and throw on a mini-dress. Alas, our dreams of celeb-level shiny legs remain. So, we turned to the authority on glowing gams, celebrity makeup artist Pricilla DiStasio, for help. Ahead, find her tips for getting your glow on from hip-to-toe. 

Tip #1: Get Your Legs Ready

If getting glowing legs is your prerogative, then exfoliation, a fresh shave and moisturizer are your new BFFs. “You always have to prep the skin,” says DiStasio. “Make sure you shave — if you don’t, you’ll spot it from a mile away!” She also says that it’s insanely important to hydrate your knees every day to avoid ashiness. Her secret weapon for baby soft skin? The Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. 

Tip #2: Prime and Prep

Stop crusty and flaky foundation before it starts by using a primer on your legs. “It’ll create a smoother surface and take out some of the redness,” says DiStasio. While you’re off to a good start, don’t go putting foundation all over your legs just yet. 

To get a smooth, flawless finish and a stocking-like vibe, DiStasio recommends picking up an airbrush foundation, like the Era Beauty Everyday Airbrush Foundation. “I like to squirt some moisturizer in the palm of my hand and then spray a puddle of the foundation on top.” If an airbrush foundation is out of your comfort zone, we also like the Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup. One thing to note: Opt for an oil-free moisturizer. “Greasy moisturizers won’t penetrate the skin as much, will sit on the skin and make everything just feel wet.” 

Tip #3: Add a Luminizer to Your Mixture

Want some major glitz and glam? Grab a luminizer like the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Custom Highlighting Drops or the Iconic London Body Illuminator and mix it in your foundation-moisturizer concoction pre-application. “When you mix it all together, you will be surprised at what gorgeous coverage that gives your leg,” says DiStasio. Once everything is blended, work it on to your leg with your hands. (Pro tip: While it might be tempting to add a body or face oil into the mix, steer clear. It can contribute to unwanted product transfer onto furniture or clothes.) 

Tip #4: Buff Everything Out 

Streaking is a major no-no in our book. To get even coverage like a pro, make sure you use the right tools. “I’ll take the Iconic London Face and Body Brush, which is basically a big, fat buffing brush that gets out all the streaks from your legs, arms or body,” says DiStasio. Another tidbit of advice: Don’t forget your foot! “We cannot have bronze, glowing legs with a pale, pasty, ashy top of the foot — it’s super important.”  

Tip #5: Add Highlighter 

Yes, we already mixed in a luminizer. But, no, that’s not enough. To add extra sparkle and glow, pick up a loose, shimmering highlighter powder. “Rub it over the shin bone to create a gorgeous contrast and contour in your leg that will show some definition,” says Distasio. We’ve been loving the Urban Decay Scented Sparkling Body Powder in Honey. “Focus on the shin and avoid your knee. With age and the texture of the knee’s skin, it’s really going to be like putting highlighter on an elephant’s foot.” She explains that you don’t want to draw attention to drier areas; instead, keep your focus on the shin. 

Tip #6: Spray that Setting Spray 

Once you’re legs are polished, it’s time spritz and go. Use a setting spray to keep everything in place throughout the day. We recommend using the YSL Beauty Top Secrets Makeup Setting Spray. While this step is a must, it’s important to use a spray instead of a powder. “People might think that if we bake our face, we should bake the rest of our body, but it doesn’t work that way,” says DiStasio. Powder will only leave your legs look dry and matte.

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