Bangs always seem like such a good idea. Foolproof really. You’re basically guaranteed Zooey Deschanel status, right? It’s smooth sailing until you forget to bring bobby pins to the gym or realize that your greatest desire in life is to tuck the fringe behind your ears. Worse, if they don’t actually fit your face shape like you hoped. Whether you cut ‘em and loved ‘em (for awhile) or regretted them instantly, we’re here to tell you: it will be OK. Use these tips and remember: time heals all wounds.

Hair Healthy.
Healthy hair = hair that grows faster. Give your mane some TLC by checking into hair rehab — switch to a cleansing shampoo and deep condition periodically. Some hairstylists do advise regular trims so your fringe looks intentional, not unkempt. If you go that route, make it clear to them that you’re quitting the bang club so they don’t take too much off the top!

Parting Words.
Once they’re long enough to brush (and annoy) the eyes, part them slightly to the side and style with a hair dryer and round brush to give them a more side-swept look. If they’re longer, try parting them in the center and creating a long wave — they’ll blend in with the rest of your hair better.

Style Strategy.
Embrace a hairstyle that involves texturized waves and a low bun like in our country rose tutorial that you can twist and tuck bangs into. Or, since you’ll become BFFs with your bobby pin stash during these bang-growing months, craft some DIY pins with colored nail polish and sport a cute pinned-back hairstyle.  For curly hair, create small twists to pin back on each side of your head. For straight hair, try a slicked back hairstyle held in place by pins and a holding spray. And, when in doubt, rock a headband or head wrap. These are win-wins as they show off your unique style and keep the fringe out of your face!

Frizz Fighting.
Frizzy, indecisive bangs are the root of many a broken will. We feel you, but don’t touch those scissors. Equip yourself with a great frizz-fighter like Redken Outshine 01 Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk to tame your mane. Remember, a dab of this stuff will do the job — if there’s anything worse than in-between bangs, it’s greasy in-between bangs.

Have you ever tried growing out bangs? Share your go-to hairstyles with us in the comments.

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