There are two types of people in this world: those who leave their makeup to fend for itself in an unorganized makeup bag and then those who organize their prized beauty possessions a whole lot more intensely. You know – those people who transform their room into what resembles a glamorous Ulta aisle or place all of their products neatly in acrylic storage so that they can A) clearly see every product they own and B) look straight out of Pinterest.

So no matter what side you fall on, we can all benefit from some makeup organization inspiration. Ahead, discover 10 makeup organization tips to help you become an organization enthusiast.


1. Assign a “home” for all of your products.
Whether you choose to label different jars or boxes by specific beauty products (i.e. lipstick, liner or mascara) or organize them all in one container, it’s important for all of your products to have their own place that’s organized and pretty.

2. Organize all of your makeup brushes in a display.
If you have more makeup brushes than an artist, spread them out in different containers based on their sizes. If you have the bare makeup brush essentials, organize them all in one container. 

3. Invest in a lipstick holder.
A game-changer for lipstick hoarders. Finally, you can see that you own way too many. Take the time to place the lipsticks in the holder by size so that they look as organized as they deserve to in their new home.

4. Put your not-so-pretty necessities (Q-tips, cotton pads, bobbie pins) in glass containers to instantly make them classy.
We’re all guilty of losing bobby pins and finding them in the strangest of places. Put them (as well as other unsightly beauty necessities) in glass containers to make sure you never lose them again and to step up your organization game.

5. Throw in some flowers to make your space even more sophisticated.
They can be faux – we won’t judge. 

6. Add a makeup mirror to your space – just because.
A stylish mirror will let your guests know you mean business, and it will turn your vanity into a serious workspace.

7. Arrange your fragrances on a chic marble tray.

You seriously can’t go wrong with placing your favorite fragrances on a marble tray. Your fragrances will look über fancy.

8. Put the products you use every day on a (pretty) rotating rack, and say goodbye to searching for your favorite products.
Because there’s nothing more annoying than not being able to find a product that’s key to your survival. A rotating rack will help you find your products easily and will simultaneously free up space on your vanity. 

9. Show off your prettiest palettes in an organizer – be it acrylic or wire.

Those palettes are beautiful and they deserve to be shown off, organized and well-loved. 

10. If you’re a nail polish hoarder, line them on a shelf so that you can see them all.
For instant success on Pinterest and easily-accessible nail polish, line them all on a shelf and even organize them by color if you’re deeply committed.

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