Lip liner is one of those items in your makeup bag that you might view with doubt, anxiety, and a tinge of fear. It’s not your fault – it hasn’t always had the greatest beauty reputation. It was, after all, singlehandedly responsible for the brown-line-around-nude-lipstick trend...thank goodness that was short-lived. Always one to root for the underdog, we’re here to make a case for lip liner – we think it has the unbridled power to completely change up your lip game. If your lipstick tends to bleed or fade easily, lip liner is the answer to your beauty prayers. Just make sure you keep these four rules in mind before applying...

lip liner rules   
1.) Fill it in To make the most of your lip liner’s secret powers, use it as a base over your entire lip instead of just around the perimeter. This technique will allow not only give your lipstick a smooth base, but help you avoid that unfortunate “ring around the mouth” look once your lip color starts to fade. You’re welcome.

2.) Matchy-matchy
Gone are the days when your lip liner was a full shade darker than your lip color – or in a completely different color spectrum altogether. Ninties, you gave us some great things, but this questionable beauty trend was not one of them. To avoid looking like you’re going to a costume party, make sure you lip liner matches your lip color – or is at least in the same color family.

3.) Blend it out
The thing about lip liner is that you don’t want people to know you’re wearing it (see above for reasons why). Let it work it’s mysterious power behind the scenes, keeping your lipstick in place and smudge-free without drawing any attention to itself. To avoid any telltale lip liner marks, blend it in with a lip brush after applying your lip color.

4.) Go invisible 
When all else fails, go invisible. Invisible lip liner might just be the best thing that’s happened to us since finding out the right way to use bobby pins – it’s mind blowing and our worlds were a bit shaken up afterwards, but we’re so glad we can face the future armed with this knowledge. Not sure what invisible lip liner is or why it just changed the beauty game? Here are three reasons why we’re obsessed.  

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