On Beauty: Style and Fashion Blogger Kia of @thenotoriouskia

January 31, 2018
On Beauty: Style and Fashion Blogger Kia of @thenotoriouskia

Beauty means something different to everyone, and we’re on a quest to find out why. This week, Tembe is profiling Kia — a fashion and beauty blogger and member of the Mizani Texture Squad.

When did you start wearing makeup? 

I'm actually quite new to the makeup game. I would say I started wearing it regularly around 2014 when I started to take social media seriously.

What was your first makeup product, and would you still use it today? 

My first makeup product that I can remember wearing was Maybelline BB Cream — it was sheer and gave me a nice glow. I probably wouldn't wear it today because I found products that work a little better and offer just a bit more coverage.


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Fave makeup product right now? 

Currently, I'm loving the Philosophy Hope in a Jar Skin Tint, and I mix it with a dab of Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlight in Moonstone for a radiant natural glow.

The one product you can't live without? 

I love a nice bold red lip, and I can't live without it. Specifically MAC's Ruby Woo — classic.

Tell us a little bit about your hair? Is it your baby or just a thing on top of your head?

My hair is definitely my baby, and having tightly-coiled hair means you have to treat it like a baby too. My hair represents my growth as a person. It represents my unwillingness to conform to traditional standards of beauty. On the purest level, it represents the love I have for myself. 

What’s your go-to product? Go-to hairstyle?

My go-to product is the Almond Jai Twisting Butter by Camille Rose Naturals, and my go-to hairstyle is my signature fro, which pretty much is a twist and curl.

What’s your relationship with your hair? Has it always been your fave or has it been hard to love?

Well, when society tells you for so long that your hair, how it grows naturally from your scalp, is messy or unprofessional, of course it's hard to love. But that's what I love about the Natural Hair Community. It's a space for black women coming together, sharing our experiences, and fully embracing our natural texture which has allowed me and so many others like me to fall in love with our hair — never wishing to change anything about it.  


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How does your hair impact the way you view yourself? Does it make you feel more confident or beautiful?

I wouldn't specifically attribute my hair to my confidence but because I'm unapologetically me and I accept everything about myself (including my hair), it allows me to be my most confident beautiful self. 

Craziest hair story (wild dye job, crazy undercut, etc.)...

I allowed a friend to bleach my hair in her kitchen. It turned so many colors and gradually fell out. Looking back, I would never bleach my hair — let alone get it done in someone's kitchen. 

Your beauty philosophy in 8 words or less. 

Makeup should enhance your uniqueness not hide it.