If you spend any time on the ‘gram, you’ve probably seen YouTuber and social superstar @jasmeannnn pop on your feed once or twice. Known for her hair tutorials and hilarious videos, Jasmine has amassed over 600K followers — and that’s just on Instagram. Even though her curly tresses are her signature, she’s been known to switch it up every once in awhile, trading volume for straightened hair or a protective style. We recently caught up with the beauty to ask her how she changes her makeup to keep up with her hair — and we think her answers will surprise you.

How do you change up your makeup to fit your hairstyle?
My makeup is pretty simple; I do basically the same makeup every day just about. And my hair is curly 98% of the time. But if I feel like changing up my makeup it’ll be because I feel like doing it a different way that special day, not really depending on how my hair is. Since my hair can be so different each day.

Do you have a specific look for when it’s curly? For when it's straight?
I don’t think I do. I like so many different makeup styles and clothing styles, and I love that my hair is so versatile. I feel like I can just pick out an outfit and go based on that how I want to wear my hair. So example: If I’m wearing a crazy top with a lot going on, sequins glitter all that. If my hair is curly I’ll pull it up, because it’s so big it’ll be everywhere and possibly get caught in the shirt. And if it’s straight, I feel like it’s okay to wear down, and so on.

What are some products you're loving right now?
I really love the Garnier Curl Nourish Butter Cream, the OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner, ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion and ECO Styler Styling Gel. Pretty much my go-to hair products.

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