Crista Jan 13, 2014
Some may say that exposing your natural nails-denying them a burst of color-is boring, but these aren’t people we refer to as besties. Because we swear, on the latest issue of VOGUE, that a little exposed nail can be just as daring as an otherwise color-riddled mani. When a little bare nail needs to shine through, we turn to negative space nails. This edgy twist on rocking winter whites is guaranteed to stop lacquer lovers right in their tracks.

negative space nails


• Scotch Tape
• Milani Nail Art with precision brush in Black
• essie Blanc
• essie Good to Go Top Coat


1. Start by placing a small piece of tape about half way up your nail.
2. Apply one coat of white polish to the nail and let dry. Repeat this step one more time for an opaque finish.
3. Once the second coat has dried, remove tape from nail.
4. Using a stripping brush, line the bare part of your nail along the cuticle. Then swipe one last stripe of black where the exposed nail and white meet.
5. Seal the look with a top coat and you’re done!  

Have you worn negative space nails?
Tell us how yours turned out in the comments below!


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