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Fall is right around the corner, which means the inevitable transition back to school is quickly approaching. NYX Professional Makeup wants you to start the school year on a high note by treating yourself to some new beauty buys thanks to its Back to Beauty School sale. For three days only, you can now buy anything on the NYX website and get 25% off using the code “BEAUTY”. Ahead, read on for some of our recent faves we’re positive you’ll want to add to your shopping cart, ASAP. 

There are certain things everyone needs in their makeup bag to successfully get through a full day of school, and we got you covered with some of the basics. For those mornings that are particularly difficult to wake up on, freshen up with the Bare With Me Multitasking Spray. A spritz of this multipurpose spray, infused with aloe and cucumber extracts, will give you and your skin the lifesaving boost it needs for a long day of studying. If the spray isn’t enough to wake you up, however, our motto is fake it til you make it using some makeup. The Bare With Me Hydrating Cheek Tint is available in three shades and will add a flush of color to your cheeks to help you appear more awake and alert. Be sure to also check out the brand’s newest launch, the Lip Lingerie Push-up Long-lasting Lipstick. With a selection of nude shades, this crayon is an effortless way to tie together any makeup look. Not to mention, it’ll plump your pout and offer a non-drying matte finish. And whether you’re wearing makeup or not, you can’t go wrong with grabbing the Bare With Me Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Blotting Paper. It’s the perfect way to help get rid of any unwanted oiliness that might happen throughout the day. 

There’s really no wrong answer when it comes to this back-to-school sale, so head on over to and set yourself up for a successful and beautiful new semester. 

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