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You’ve Got Oily Skin, We’ve Got the 411

News flash: Oily skin is not an issue reserved just for teens. In fact, according to the International Dermal Institute, 50 percent of the adult population struggle with oily skin too. And with that annoying sheet of shine that settles on the surface of skin, often comes acne. But there are products that can offer some much-needed relief, like ones formulated with clay. Yep, the magical little puddy is a star in helping to keep skin looking mattified, which is why L’Oréal Paris incorporated it into its Pure-Clay Mask line. Check out how and why this stuff really works:


pure-clay masks helps oily skin look mattified

For Mattifying…

Those who struggle with oily skin are well aware of the annoying constant shine problem. It’s as if there’s a permanent film over your face (even if you don’t have any makeup on), making it seem impossible for your skin to ever feel totally clean. The Pure-Clay Purify & Mattify Treatment Mask is formulated with three pure clays plus it’s infused with eucalyptus to help draw out excess oil and give skin a mattified appearance. The result? Matte-looking skin and pores that are way less visible. Sign us up!

For Detoxing…

The thing about oil is that it can mix with dirt and other impurities and harden up in the pores, leading to breakouts and irritated skin. Yuck, right? Well, the charcoal included in the Pure-Clay Detox & Brightening Charcoal Mask leaves your face feeling squeaky clean. The mask will also help the skin appear brighter and more radiant.

For Exfoliating...

Regular exfoliation is important. But, when you’ve got oily skin, it’s a real non-negotiable. Help slough your skin with the Pure-Clay Exfoliate & Refining Treatment Mask, formulated with red algae extract. The marine-based ingredient plus the line’s signature three-clay cocktail, helps to exfoliate and refines the skin’s surface — and it’s gentle. All you’ll have is smooth, healthy-looking skin.


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