Oct 1, 2013 Deven Hopp Lips

Tuesday Tutorial: How to Create the Perfect Cupid’s Bow

Full, shapely lips always start with a solid foundation–lip liner. From vampy red lips to a bright pink pout, lip liner lays the groundwork for whatever look you’re trying to achieve. You may think applying liner is a no brainer, but if you haven’t been employing this technique, you’re lips have been missing out. Try it this way and we promise you’ll get an undeniably even application and a kissable cupid’s bow every time. For this quick tutorial, you only need one item: the lip pencil of your choice. We’re using the highly pigmented Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Crush, but the technique will work with bold colors and neutral shades alike.

how to line lips Step 1: Make an X. Start at the highest point of your natural lip and draw a straight line extending down from that point. Repeat on the other side of your top lip to make the X.

Step 2: Define the bottom lip.
You’ll find the exact center of your bottom lip directly below the center of the X you just created. Make the next line across that point.

Step 3: Make two V’s.
Part your lips slightly, and draw a sideways V connecting the top and bottom lips at both corners of your mouth.

Step 4: Connect the lines.
Use short strokes of the pencil to connect the lines. For the cleanest application, angle the pencil. Hold the pencil vertically, flat against the lip, with the tip of the liner pointing outward.

Step 5: Fill in the lips.
Top off your perfect cupid’s bow with a swipe of lipstick or a dab of lip gloss and fall in love with your shapely lips.  

Do you line your lips?
Let us know if you’ve ever tried this technique for an even cupid’s bow below!


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