Maybelline’s So Confident You’ll Like Made For All Lipstick There’s a Money Back Guarantee

January 16, 2019
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
Maybelline’s So Confident You’ll Like Made For All Lipstick There’s a Money Back Guarantee

We’re all guilty of making a beauty mistake in our past. Perhaps you chose a foundation shade with the wrong undertone or maybe you stress-bought that new, beautiful eyeshadow palette even though it wasn’t the best choice for your eye color. Knowing that we’re extra cautious about our present day makeup purchases thanks to trial and error, Maybelline created Made For All, lipstick that really, truly works for everyone and thus, helps you avoid makeup mistakes once and for all. The brand’s so confident you’ll meet your match they’re offering a money back guarantee — casual.  

To refresh your memory, the new Maybelline Made for All Lipstick comes in seven comfortable shades that were tested on 50 different skin tones to ensure they’re all a universal match for all (see here for how the shades looked on beauty editors). The lipsticks are a mix of mattes and satins, depending on which formula you prefer. You’ll find a diverse range of reds that’ll satisfy the minimalist through the maximalist. One of our favorites that we think everyone can get behind is “Red For Me,” a matte red lipstick that’s the epitome of the perfect true red shade, a must have for every beauty stash.

Need any more reason to buy? Check out the reviews over at and then proceed to *add to cart.* For a full list of terms and conditions that apply to the money back guarantee, scroll to the bottom of this page.

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