May 1, 2013 Deven Hopp Spotlight

Quick Tip: How to Make Your Makeup Sweat-Proof

You may have thought that by the year 2013, with 3D televisions and cars that park themselves, the issue of melting makeup would be obsolete. Alas, there are some things technology has not been able to fix (yet). Luckily NYC-based makeup artist Josephine K. has some tips to keep us from throwing in the towel. When it comes to making your makeup sweat-proof, you can either prep for the sweat or run with it.

#1: Prep for the sweat. First and foremost, “use a face primer that will not only keep your makeup intact, but will also create a barrier for anything to come out or in.” Create the perfect canvas with Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer or Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer. Be sure to choose powdered products over liquids and creams. Powder formulas help absorb any type of wetness on the skin, while liquids and creams will emphasize that wet look. We love Dermablend Solid Setting Powder and Make Up For Ever Microfinish Powder to keep our makeup in place. Josephine also warns against anything shimmery or iridescent, which will create shine on the face.
#2: Run with it. With hot summer days ahead, at some point we all have to accept that a little sweat is inevitable. With that said, a blotting tissue for your face is always a must. (Quick Tip: forgot to pack them? Never fear. In a pinch, a toilet seat cover will get the job done.) Josephine recommends working with what you have rather than trying to hide it. “If your eyeliner smudges, don’t feel the need to reapply it – blend it out so it looks more like a smoky eye.” The good thing about a little sweat is your face is basically fully hydrated, so your makeup can blend easier. If your blush or bronzer starts to get blotchy, use clean fingers and blend it out. Josephine makes another good point, “If you think about it, a face that is too matte in appearance on a hot summer day is somewhat unrealistic.” So embrace it and let that summer heat help your makeup.
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