Whether you’re an amateur in the world of makeup, consider yourself a pro, or fall somewhere in between, figuring out what brushes you need (and their uses) will forever be an exhausting and somewhat confusing process. With countless types, shapes and sizes — flat, fluffy, pointed, angled, fanned, natural, synthetic — a gal’s gotta go through quite the amount of research and dozens of makeup aisles to get her kit together. But there’s no one-size-fits-all brush collection, as our skills (and patience!) varies. That’s why put together a tailored brush guide specific to your daily needs — from just the basics to one that’s fully loaded!

Makeup Brush Guide 

The Makeup Rookie 

Let’s be honest, you’re not one to get crazy with the makeup. A little BB cream, some blush, maybe a swipe of mascara or two, and you’re out the door! That is A-OK if you ask us. But, why not perfect it with some staple tools? Instead of using your fingers to blend everything in, get yourself a solid foundation and blush brush for an airbrushed, flawless finish. Proper blending is the key to a natural, “no-makeup” makeup look, so trust us when we say these essentials will change everything. And to keep things easy for ya, an eye shadow brush that can be used for powder, cream or liquid-based eye makeup is ideal for a no-fuss gal like yourself!  

Your Brush Kit Picks

Foundation Brush: NYX Pro Flat Foundation Brush

Blush Brush: Maybelline Expert Tools Blush Brush

Eye Shadow Brush: Shu Uemura Natural Blush 10

The Well-Rounded Gal

It’s safe to say you know your stuff when it comes to makeup. You may not be an expert, but you put a bit more time into sculpting those cheekbones and perfecting your cat eye. Prepare your face for success by implementing the proper tools into your makeup routine. You don’t need all the bells and whistles, but if you’re gonna get dolled up on the daily for work, these picks will help you get it right — from your perfectly applied foundation and contoured nose, to your daytime smoky eye and flawless liner.


Your Brush Kit Picks

Foundation Brush: Giorgio Armani Blender Brush

Contour Brush: Lancôme Cheek & Contour Brush #25

Concealer Brush: Giorgio Armani Concealer Brush

Eye Shadow Brush: YSL Eye Blending Brush Long

Gel Liner Brush: The Body Shop Slanted Brush


The Self-Proclaimed Pro

You may as well quit your full-time job and start charging your friends for all the makeup advice and tips you give out.  A beauty stash like yours can compete with the pros! This is probably because you run to the makeup counter every time a new product drops, not to mention you’ve got every trendy eye shadow palette out there (Urban Decay | Gwen Stefani included) and a sea of worn-down lipsticks. A fanatic such as yourself should also have the proper brushes to achieve those makeup-artists approved looks you’re going for. Think, foundation that’s so perfect it looks like skin, to supermodel-status cheekbones, on-point brows and perfectly precise lipstick — all things no self-proclaimed pro should go without.


Your Brush Kit Picks

Foundation Brush: YSL Foundation Brush

Concealer Brush: Lancôme Concealer Brush #8

Lip Brush: NYX Pro Lip Brush

Shadow & Liner Smudger Brush: Urban Decay Good Karma Smudger Brush

Eye Shadow Blending Brush: YSL Eye Shader Brush Medium

Eyeliner Brush: Shu Uemura Natural Brush 60b (badger)

Spoolie & Brow Brush: Giorgio Armani Applicator Eyeshaper

Lip Brush: Lancôme Retractable Lip Brush #9

Setting Powder Brush: NYX Pro Powder Brush

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