Vitamins, oh vitamins: one of the holy-grail wellness prescriptions, right up there next to eight hours of sleep and daily exercise. Sure, we know they're are good for our overall health, but we'd be lying not to admit that we're also really into their beautifying powers. So even though we're careful to eat a balanced diet, we definitely make sure that our skincare products are stocked full of the good stuff. Been hearing about these mythical ingredients for a while now but still not clear on exactly what they do or why to use them? Read on as we break it down to the essentials--four key vitamins that will not only help you feel healthy, but also look your very best.  


Vitamin A

What It Does: Vitamin A is proven to reduce wrinkles, fade brown spots, and smooth roughness. Where to Find It: Vitamin A derivatives are known as retinoids and present in many beauty products. You can usually find Vitamin A in lotions, night creams and prescription products. How to Use It: It’s best to apply your retinoid at night, as they can make your skin more sensitive to sun. Retinoids can be very powerful, so  avoid irritation by applying every second or third night initially and build up to nightly use.

Vitamin B

What It Does: Vitamin B (specifically Vitamin B3) boosts hydration, reduces redness and inhibits the transfer of pigment to skin cells, therefore minimizing dark spots. It is specifically beneficial for people with dry or sensitive skin, and some studies support its benefits for reducing rosacea.  Where to Find It: Often called niacinamide, Vitamin B3 can be found in lotions, creams, and serums. How to Use It: For maximum results, apply B vitamins in the morning and evening. It’s also great to apply both Vitamin A (retinoid) and Vitamin B (niacinamide) simultaneously, as Vitamin B could calm possible irritation from retinoids, and the combination is said to provide even greater anti-aging benefits.

Vitamin C

What It Does: Similar to Vitamin A, Vitamin C helps smooth and firm skin and fade brown spots by inhibiting the free radicals that trigger wrinkling, sagging, and other aging changes. Where to Find It: Moisturizers and serums. How to Use It: Apply Vitamin C in the morning, before sunscreen, to protect your skin from free radicals caused by sun damage.

Vitamin E

What It Does: With bounds of studies singing its praise, Vitamin E is a skincare superstar. The vitamin has been proven to ease dryness and boosts skin's UV defense. Where to Find It: Sunscreens and after-sun products. How to Use It: Vitamin E is a natural armor against UV radiation, so apply the product before and after sun exposure. Also consider applying Vitamin C and E simultaneously, as the duo provides greater protection against free radicals when used together. Now that you’re well versed in the essential vitamins, here are a few of our favorite infused products to try. Most are packed with multiple vitamins, because we’re all for a simplified routine.

Product Recommendations
: SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic; La Roche-Posay Rosaliac Anti-Redness Moisturizer; Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Serum; The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil; Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin Rich Hydrating Eye Cream

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