Here at MDC, we are lucky enough to have a panel of experts to sound off on those topics that leave the everyday girl scratching her head. Today, for example, we asked hair guru Zachary Morad to give us tips on how to stimulate hair growth.

Ready for a longer look? When it comes to trying to grow your hair out, I think we can all agree that it never seems to happen fast enough. We’ve seen all of the products and hear of home remedies, but does stuff like drinking potato juice really work? I wish I could help you debunk the hair-growth myths and old wives’ tales but, unfortunately, I just don’t have all the answers or hard proof for you. However, I have made some discoveries of my own that are sure to help you get back the long, luscious hair you’ve been missing! Here are three key things that are sure to give your locks the boost they need to grow.

stimulate hair growth


Nutrition is the key to a strong foundation for your entire body, and your hair is no exception. I’m sure you’ve already heard that fish oil and vitamin B can help kickstart the growth of your hair, but there are many other vitamins you can include in your daily intake that will also get the job done. Viviscal is a supplement that I recommend to my clients often, as it is specifically designed to promote hair growth via the cocktailing of multiple vitamins. In addition to taking supplements, you can also add good fatty acids (like those found in avocados) and eat foods that are rich in iron to support new and accelerated cell growth.

Topical Stimulation

Stimulation is key to hair growth. First, you want to make sure that your scalp is regularly exfoliated. You can do this daily with a soft bristle brush or weekly with a formulated scalp treatment. Either way, this will prevent your hair follicles from being blocked by oil, debris or dead skin cells. As for scalp treatments, there have been many advances in topical solutions over the years that you can apply directly to your scalp regularly to charge your follicles and stimulate growth. Kérastase Densifique Minoxidil is one of my favorites because of its lightweight texture and it doesn’t leave any residue in your hair.


Oftentimes, we focus so much on the growth process we want to see at the roots that we forget about the lengths and ends. Employ a shampoo that will nourish your hair and keep it healthy as you grow it out. Try a nourishing shampoo like Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo.

The oldest trick in the book for growing your hair long and strong is to trim it regularly. I know this may sound like a contradiction, but you will find that this actually works! Over time, your hair can become dry and brittle on the ends (maybe because of your heat styling, color or just everyday wear-and-tear). When you don’t opt for a trim, your hair will make the decision for you, as your strands will begin to split and inevitably break off. Keeping your hair healthy by trimming it frequently will prevent breakage and allow you to maintain more of your length in the long run. During the “growing” process I recommend my clients come in every eight to ten weeks to dust off the ends!

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