Let’s get personal here for a second.

What’s the one makeup look you could never imagine leaving the house without? Are you a die-hard contouring fiend, a pink-lip fanatic, graphic eyeliner maven, bold brow connoisseur? Whatever your trend-of-choice may be, your go-to look has more to say about you than you think!

We decided to do some deep digging into your daily makeup routine to see exactly what your fave look has to say about your personality. Curious? Read on!


Bold Graphic Eyeliner & Pink Lips 

Organized, self-sufficient, Type A. You are all about the details and have a knack for remembering everyone’s birthday, zodiac sign and occupation. You’re a sharp-shooter, just like your perfectly winged, bold eyeliner. The rest of your makeup also falls in line with your personality— it’s polished, and all about the small-but-impactful touches: subtly contoured features, perfectly pink lips, radiant face. These are a few of your favorite things! 


Flushed Cheeks & Stained Lips With Statement Brows

Strong, secure and feminine, you’re not one to sit on the sidelines and shy away from making a bold statement—both in life, and with your look! Just like you, your makeup asserts confidence, and creativity. You lean toward anything that will make your face the center of attention, so rosy cheeks, statement brows and vibrant lips are on constant rotation in your neck of the woods. Life’s too short … why not indulge in a little color? 


Vamp Lips & Black Lashes

We can’t decide what’s more brazen: your makeup or your demeanor. Never one to be a wallflower, you are about as upfront as they come. Some might even go so far as to call you dramatic. Hey, a little drama never hurt anyone.

 And while you have a core circle of friends who know and love you for the fiery girl you are, some find you intimidating and tend to keep their distance. Whatevs, you’re just a girl who likes what she likes and knows what she knows, right? The same goes for your beauty aspirations. Like most things in life, you’ll try anything once. Spidery, long lashes? Been there. Vampy red lipstick? Done that. 


No-Makeup Makeup 

On the personality map, you are the calm before, during and after the storm. While some may mistake your easy-going nature for being passive and pushover-ish, that is far from the case. The truth is you’ve got plenty of opinions and things to say, you just go about expressing those thoughts in a more selective manner that won’t rock the boat. You are a total peace-keeper and often the voice of reason amongst your friends.

This laid-back approach also applies to your beauty routine. While you appreciate a bold trendy makeup look, you know yourself well enough to know that isn’t (and will never be) your daily style. You like the natural, practical, no-makeup makeup look that takes all of five minutes to put together. If we were to open up your makeup bag, we’d find BB cream, lip-and-cheek stain, lip gloss and mascara. Every other makeup item is just fluff, and you don’t do fluff. 


Highly Contoured Face & Dramatic Eyes 

Some call you a drama queen, but we like to think of you as one who is in tune with her feelings and emotions. You cry at every movie, laugh the loudest at a comedy show and flare up first when faced with an argument. Like your perfectly chiseled features and beyond-bold eyes, you are all about expressing yourself. People always know where they stand with you and how you feel in any particular moment … and they love you for it. Yes, your emotions can be a bit all over the map, but you’d rather be real than bottle things up, right? And, hey, at least you keep life interesting!


Which of these trends is right up your beauty alley? And if we missed your go-to look, share it in the comments below and our editors will chime in with what it says about your personality!


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