Kate Jackson Sabelhaus Oct 25, 2016

The basis of natural makeup is glowing skin and perfect foundation application. Here we show you how to do it all from start to finish for a look that never goes out of style.

Continue reading for a step-by-step makeup tutorial that will enhance your natural beauty in a series of simple steps.

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Step 1. Moisturizer

Apply a thin layer of moisturizer.


Step 2. Foundation Primer

Apply a smoothing primer.


Step 3. Foundation

Apply a light to medium coverage foundation.


Step 4. Concealer

Apply concealer under eyes.


Step 5: Setting Powder

Apply setting powder.


Step 6: Bronzer

Apply bronzer to “warm up” your skin tone.


Step 7: Blush

Sweep blush onto cheekbones.


Step 8: Highlighter

Apply highlighter to cheekbones.


Step 9: Eye Shadow Primer

Apply eye shadow primer.


Step 10: Eye Shadow

Apply your transition eye shadow shade in crease, then swipe your base eye shadow shade across the lower lid.


Step 11: Mascara

Apply a single coat of mascara to the top and bottom lashes.


Step 12: Eyebrow Product

Brush on a natural shade of eyebrow powder.


Step 13: Lip Gloss

Finish the look with a pink of nude lip gloss!


Are you ready to try this natural makeup look at home? Tell us what you thought of our tutorial in the comments below!


Makeup & Model: Marjan Tabibzada

Video: Jessica Schramm




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