We suppose it’s possible your mom was a famous makeup artist and taught you all you ever needed to know about hair, makeup and skin care. If that’s you, go ahead and gloat all you want about your ability to apply the perfect cat eye by age 4. Then there are the rest of us. Sure, most of us learned a lot about beauty from our moms. But what about those tricks they didn’t tell us? Moms are great but they don’t always know best, so we’ve rounded up the tips they didn’t tell you.

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#1. When you’re an adult, you make your own beauty rules.

“There’s no way you’re leaving the house like that, young lady!” If you ever rolled your eyes at your mom as a teen after she said this phrase, you’re not alone. Whether it was because we looked like complete slobs or because we had more makeup on than a stage performer, a mom’s job is to want the best for her daughter. But you’re an adult now, which means when it comes to beauty, you decide what’s best for yourself. We’re not saying we recommend piling on more makeup than Mimi from The Drew Carey Show (we don’t). What we are saying is that’s it’s perfectly fine to go to the store in a bare face and a messy bun. Or to go to dinner wearing a full face, the smokiest of smoky eyes and a dark burgundy matte lip (we love YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats in Grenat Satisfaction). The world is your oyster. Do what you want.

#2. Lining your waterline can make all the difference.

Did your mom ever tell you not to put something in your eye? We get it. Thirteen-year-old kids have no business getting a charcoal pencil close to their cornea. But now that you’re a grown-up, lining your waterline can be a real game-changer! And with Maybelline Master Kajal, lining your waterline is easier than ever.

#3. Staying on top of trends is important.

A lot of moms will insist that classic beauty will never go out of style, and we certainly agree. But paying attention to small shifts in what’s popular in the beauty world can keep your look fresh. We’re not saying you need to adopt every single lipstick color you see on the runway each season. (Blue lipstick just isn’t for everyone, no matter what some people might say.) Just think: Frosted pink lips were once considered a universally flattering look.  And while there’s surely a pink lipstick for everyone, bubblegum frost probably isn’t it.

#4. There is actually an amazing way to use makeup that’s too dark for your skin tone.

Mom was quick to tell you when your makeup was too dark or too thick. But foundation or powder that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone can actually be used for contouring. Want to make your nose look slimmer or your forehead smaller? That too-dark makeup is perfect.

What tricks did your mom tell you about makeup when you were growing up? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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