Angela Melero Dec 22, 2014

By now you know that the team here at MDC has some serious love for dry shampoo. We live and breathe it, and our anxiety levels depend on how much of the stuff we have on hand. If you’re shaking your head and judging us, that’s just because you haven’t had your life changed by this miraculous hair wonder. Want to know what you’re missing? Check out our list of things that will change as soon as you invest in the magic we like to call dry shampoo.

dry shamps
1. Greasy hair. It will be a distant memory like that ex-boyfriend who dumped you via text message.

2. Your confidence level. It will rise rapidly, along with your number of Tinder right swipes.

3. Hair volume. Your locks will be as full as your tummy after binge-eating Dunkin’ Donuts.

4. Your face. Now that your hair game is on point, your mug needs to follow suit. Bring on the cat eye!

5. Your ponytail. It went from “blah” to “BOOM” in literally seconds. Literally.

6. The stares. It’s amazing how a little hair product can bring out the green-eyed monster in women.

7. Your curls. You haven’t seen waves like this since, well, ever.

8. Your hair color. Now that you’ve replaced that grease-grabbing baby powder, your hair isn’t sporting that weird grayish-white tinge (or weird baby smell) that you could never seem to get rid of. 

Need more reasons to start a monogamous relationship with dry shampoo? Check out our ode to it here!

What are your reasons for worshipping dry shampoo? Spill in the comments below!



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